Sunday, February 24, 2013

FFFA: Little Farm #2

We talk about farm animals a lot at our house. It might be due to the fact that our child has approximately 37 farm-related toys and books. Is that unusual? I'm not sure. Point is, we know all about how the cow brings us milk and the horse says neigh-hey-hey-hey! and the bright-eyed rooster gets up so early that then he gets tired before everyone else. (Is that even true? Do roosters retire early?)

At any rate, since we talk about farm animals all the time, I thought it was time we revisited the Little Farm. Really put a face on these critters. We even got romaine lettuce at the Trader Joe's the day before going, that's how well-planned this adventure really was.

You may recall that last time we visited the farm, the cow made Baby Grady feel concerned. Well, this time, the cow had the audacity to say "moo" and Baby Grady veritably wept. You know how sometimes, you just feel deep in your soul that something does not suit you? (I feel this way about clogs.) Well, that is how Baby Grady still feels about cows. He was so clear about these feelings that we did not even get a photograph this time.

We fared better with the goats:

And the foul:

And the goats:

Grady even loosened up enough to go free-range and smiley:

Dat! (It's a goat.)

After we ran out of lettuce, we hit the overrun little play structure. It was chaos and really windy and wind sort of makes me cranky, but I was really tough about it and stayed and let Grady play anyway. It's a play structure geared for bigger kids, as several of the exits lead you onto rock cliffs:

Slides are fun:


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  2. I'm trying to decide if "foul" was intentional. I'm guessing... maybe.

    FYI, if you haven't noticed, my wife is an excellent speller and grammarian. But, she also really doesn't like birds (they're apparently all filthy and disease-ridden). So, I'm thinking that it could plausibly be either a classic Freudian slip or a deliberate slam of avians everywhere.